A Division of Impact Training Systems, Inc.

Impact Consulting Services

Impact Consulting Services is recognized for its success in developing individual talent and organizational capability to achieve strategic goals.

Services include:

  • Custom designing and implementing leadership and executive development programs
  • Helping organizations share knowledge, capitalize on diversity and retain talent through comprehensive mentoring programs and partnerships
  • Executive consulting to enhance individual and organizational performance
  • Facilitating strategic planning and team development initiatives

We integrate cutting – edge research and management best practices into all of our consulting and training.

Clients include Fortune 500 companies, government agencies and rapidly growing entrepreneurial firms. Several major government clients were rated in the top five “Best Places to Work in the Federal Government,” with two client agencies ranking #1 in their category.  

“Thank you for the program you designed for our organization and for dedicating your life’s work to such an important cause.  The traits that you possess – grace, enthusiasm, energy, passion, and leadership – have been an inspiration and contagious.  The program has helped me in both my personal and professional development and I am truly grateful.”

Executive Development Program participant